Psihomodo Pop

Psihomodo Pop mk I (1982 – 1984)

One of the most famous bands on Zagreb pop rock scene active for over 30 years now.

The original lineup [ex-Neron, ex-Klinska pomora] with guitarist Kepeski and sax player Banjeglav recorded very good Demo 1983  – hilarious Ramonesque art-punk!


Psihomodo Pop was the last band from this peer group to get a record out, as late as 1988. It took them a lot of time and few different demo attempts to secure a recording deal until Jugoton finally gave in.  Unfortunately the debut album “Godina zmaja” turned out to be a usual case of  “major label” disappointment.  The songs were produced in a soft pop-rock manner & the final product reminds of a glamorized Ramones tribute a tad bit too much. The sweaty 5-year long demonstration period that had preceded the album deserved more rock filth in the sound mix. But they were after stardom anyway and they deservedly got it very soon.