Zagreb NOW!: DB Indoš Kuća ekstremnog muzičkog kazališta i Trobecove krušne peći

Zagreb NOW!

“Demoni kuge” by DB Indoš Kuća ekstremnog muzičkog kazališta & Trobecove krušne peći 17/05

Budapest NOW!

In Imperial City of Budapest there were/are many purifying/exorcising fires to burn by Hungarian Promethean Band – Tudósok:

Tudományos Tavaszi Ördögűzés! 20/03

Vesak Day 26/05


Greed, anger, and foolishness. The fundamental evils inherent in life that give rise to human suffering.

Because anger increases in intensity, armed strife occurs.

Because greed increases in intensity, famine arises.

Because foolishness increases in intensity, pestilence breaks out.

And because these three calamities occur, earthly desires grow more numerous and powerful than ever, and false views increasingly flourish.

© Soka Gakkai. All Rights Reserved.

Record Label: Doomtown Records

Doomtown Records – survivalist punk label from Zagreb NOW!, that has been around for 10 years or so. Three recent releases issued last summer plus one Cold War bunker re-issue.

If I had a cassette deck player…


Above average minimalist art punk. Playful. Moglo je biti snimljeno u u studiju “Druga maca”. 1981. Artistička radna akcija – pozdrav iz Zagreba!

Dobar dan, izvolite (cassette album, 2020)
Karaoke satri
Se Bastijan
Čovjek prosjek

APSURD (Beograd)

Belgrade’s hardcore punk tradition lives on. U svakom slučaju, ugodno iznenađenje za mene. Sviđa mi se kad mi ne bude prijatno, ponekad.

Derealizacija / Svemu će doći kraj (LP, 2020)
Svemu će doći kraj

Apsurd’s Derealizacija/Svemu će doći kraj 12″ is the band’s first output in the form of vinyl format. Actually, it’s a collection of two EP’s. A-side brings you six songs previously released as a tape “Derealizacija” while the B-side includes six entirely new songs recorded last year in the bands practice room on primitive 4-track machine.


Lautarpunk rules! Always awesome, in any band format or appearance.

Optic Nerve (cassette EP, 2020)
Light Beam
Graveyard Signals

And back from the grave:


Occult electronic session ’88. Darkwave. Theatrical Synth Pop/EBM crossbreed. Goth. Gloom. Confessions of a mask. Doom. Noćas me nazovi crnim stršljenom!

Album mentalnih fotografija (cassette album, RE, 2016)
Who Is Alive, Who Is Dead
Ponoćni hod

Doomtown’s reissue version of this tape is the official reproduction of the 1988 tape remastered from the original master tapes and approved by the band and Gorjan Krstić. Limited to 125 copies!

bandcamp: Doomtown Records

Online Store / Big Cartel: Doomtown Records

Record Label: Fox and His Friends

Will you survive? A couple of electronic songs or even full albums [via Fox & His Friends], for (temporarily) socially distanced and self-isolated version of clubbing, might occupy your extra free time indoors. First the esoteric political theory mixed with pop art [via NEP] and then the (living room) dance floors.

Fox & His Friends releases music without genre boundaries, tends to discover rare, obscure and forgotten stuff, the sounds that have timeless value, both contemporary and vintage. All releases are made from original master tapes, carefully remastered and pressed to please the smartest of music connoisseurs. The label is run by Leri Ahel and Željko Luketić, long time professionals in the field. Label offices are in Rijeka and Zagreb.

Zagreb: NEP

NEP were founded in Zagreb, New Europe in 1982. The members and collaborators of the collective were from all over Yugoslavia. In New Europe, allegedly, everybody is in. NEP became more visible in the second half of the decade. I accidentally omitted NEP from the “cul-de-sac” Zagreb post. Here they are in a deluxe LP edition, for your vintage industrial archive:

NEP – Pop Not Pop (Songs For New Europe 1985-1989) ‎(LP, Ltd., 2020)

NEP was a loose multimedia collective formed in 1982 Zagreb, ex-Yugoslavia. The founder Dejan Kršić collaborated with various artists in a quest of re-thinking the stale concepts of art history, position of the author and the barriers between pop and elitist high culture. Heavily influenced by Walter Benjamin and Andy Warhol in theory and Brian Eno and Kraftwerk in music, Kršić created NEP as an umbrella term (NEP meaning Nova Evropa or New Europe) of diverse rule-breaking activities, covering graphic design, music, photography, video, news-media and theoretical work. Musically NEP focused on experiments in ambient and tape-music, self-released and on hard to find compilation tapes like “The Cassette Played Poptones” (1988). Deeply immersed in pop-culture, politics and art theory Dejan Kršić’s search for perfect pop music with cutting critical edge peaked in 1989, the year ‘Decadance’ track was conceived in studio. Fox & His Friends team (Leri Ahel & Željko Luketić) published the extended 12” single in 2017 with Snuffo Remix on B-side. It received rave reviews in music media like MixMag and DJ Mag and it is still played on dance-floors around the world. But the story around the NEP is musically (as well as artistically) much wider: for the first time Fox & His Friends team compiles best cuts from unreleased and rare NEP self-released tapes, covering the period from 1985 to 1989 on seminal POP NOT POP album...

bandcamp: NEP

NEP samples from self-released “Nova Evropa” (1988) / VA – “The Cassette Played Poptones” (Sestra Wazelin, 1988):

NEP ‎– Nova Evropa (self-released tape, 1988)
Naš cilj – komunizam
Kada se forme lome (When Attitudes Become Firm)
Novi poredak

What about capitalist realism? Is there really no alternative? Is it possible to imagine an alternative to capitalism that is not some throwback to discredited models of state control?

Beograd: The Master Scratch Band

Recorded at “Druga maca” studio in Belgrade and originally released as mini-LP “Dégout” by Jugoton in 1984.

The Master Scratch Band – The Breakwar ‎(LP, Ltd., 2020)

Fox & His Friends in collaboration with Jugoton dived deep into archives and is releasing a full, complete version of the rare “The Breakwar” tape, with tracks “Tonight” and “Pocket” never pressed on vinyl, all sourced from original studio reels. This is not „Dégout“ 12” repress, but complete studio album that was never meant to happen, up until now. With the kind help of Zoran Vračević on credit list and liner notes, this is now the ultimate The Master Scratch Band album.

Equipment used: Commodore 64 Computer, Roland MC-4B Microcomposer, Prophet Pro-One, RSF Cobol II Expander, Korg Mono-Poly Synthesizer, PPG Wave 2.3 Synthesiszer, PPG Waveterm Computer, Boss DE-200 Digital Delay, Drumtraks Digital Drum Machine, Roland TR-808 RH. Composer, Electro Harmonix Vocoder, Linn Drum MKII, Juno 60, SH-101, SVC-350, VP-330 Vocoders, Polysix & MS10, Simmons drum module

Online Store by Big Cartel: Fox & His Friends

SFRJ: Various Artists, Jugoton

Are you perhaps a (nostalgic) dancing queen? 40+ party time!

Various Artists – Socialist Disco. Dancing Behind Yugoslavia’s Velvet Curtain 1977-1987 ‎(2xLP, Comp, Ltd., 2020)

Alternative backside title: “Socijalistički disco. Ples iza jugoslavenske baršunaste zavjese 1977.-1987. Odabrali Leri Ahel i Željko Luketić.” All tracks licensed from Jugoton / Croatia Records. Mastered from original studio reel tapes. Tracks D2 and D5 were originally published only in cassette format. All photographs are authentic vintage technical inventory of disco club Neboder in Zagreb, from the personal collection of Dušan Cvetojević. Gatefold sleeve with glossy cover.

bandcamp: Fox & His Friends

An Anniversary: Šumski

The 30th anniversary of Šumski is a nice occasion to listen to their back catalog & to give some extra praise for mature and masterful album “Ostrvo ledenog kita” (2018).

Šumski were founded in Zagreb in January of ’91 and as a peculiar band of their generation represent the last youth of SR Croatia. Šumski’s primary source of inspiration was an album by original hippy psych collective Amon Düül I, whose playful jamming music had briefly opened Kornel Šeper’s psychedelic third eye. Brimming with amateurish enthusiasm and carelessness young group even found the way how to enter YURM ’91 festival (the last one). Modest and now legendary Kekere Aquarium cassette label followed soon with notorious first issue KA001. When they properly learnt their instruments Šumski started to resemble a band that had some things in common with music issued under Rough Trade in early to mid ’80s – arty and quirky soft* rock, combined with Zagreb’s new wave legacy. Even if in recent times melancholy can reign supreme in their repertoire, Šumski were always and still are creatures of light.

*as opposed to hard/heavy or hardcore

Slušaj taj zvuk!

bass, vocals: Kornel Šeper
drums, percussion: Boris Begić, Berko Muratović, Ivo Urli, Petar Šakić
guitar, vocals: Marin Juraga
guitar: Javor Jeić (1991-92)

trumpet: Igor Pavlica

Lov na vile (tape, 1993)
Safari (tape, 1995)
Mali mišić i Marija
Jacques Tati ide na more
Baba spava (CD, 2000)
Baba spava
Mali sat
Ronioci (CD, 2003)
Privremeni smještaj
Odlazak se odgađa
Ostrvo ledenog kita (LP/CD, 2018)
Jednog dana
Prijatelji se sele na selo
Duh mladih na verandi

bass, vocals: Kornel Šeper
drums: Viktor Krasnić
guitar, vocals: Marin Juraga
guitar: Franjo Glušac

trumpet: Igor Pavlica

bandcamp: Šumski

Record Label: Šareni dućan / Blind Dog Records

Šareni dućan bookshop from Koprivnica (Croatia) recently became small record label, a joint-venture with Blind Dog Records (Zagreb).

Here is a selection of ex-YU related vinyl issues & official reissues.

The samples (digital files) used for this post originate from previous versions.

HAUSTOR, Zagreb, Croatia

Haustor – Ulje je na vodi 2 x LP (2019)

Haustor on speed! Recorded live on 6th January 1982 at “Kulušić”, Zagreb. Quirk out!

Pali i vuci
Cijeli svijet je bolestan
Radnička klasa odlazi u raj

TALAS, Beograd, Serbia

Talas – Perfektan dan za banana ribe LP (1983, 2020)

New wave synth-pop candy ’83 for daydreamers.

Banana reggae

LUNA, Novi Sad, Serbia

Luna – Nestvarne stvari (1984, 2020)

Outstanding post-punk album, a local & regional masterpiece. Recorded in September ’83. Nicely reproduced (and remastered) alternative for scarce and overpriced original issue.

Nestvarne stvari
Balder na prozoru

Šareni dućan webshop.

(The) Lesser Men ‎– References, Reflections: Revelations (2019)


On their third album, in the face of yet more line-up interferences, Zagreb’s auto-bio-core quartet sets out for a pilgrimage of sorts, fathoming out the heart and soul of their music through inspection of references and reflections. Come along, immerse your ears in their revelations! (Geenger Records)

Lottery Score pt. 1

Babies Are Born



Lottery Score pt. 2

I saw (The) Lesser Men playing short set before The Membranes / Mark Lanegan Band last November. Their music (in which keyboard player is the lead) filled the empty venue and kicked my ass (almost like Simple Minds; which isn’t correct reference, by the way). Yet it made me jump on my feet and get closer to the stage. The sparkle in the night. Southeast at Easter ’18. That sort of revelatory stuff.

bandcamp: (The) Lesser Men

ESC Life – Born To Be Mild (2018)

esc life

ESC Life is a quartet from Zagreb, Croatia, fixated on loud guitars, solos, fast rhythms and pop songs. Heavily influenced by power-pop and punk rock giants like Descendents, Nova Mob, The Hold Steady or Superchunk, they play with cliches of popular music of the 20th and 21st century, but never ironically. “Born To Be Mild” is filled with witty, fast and catchy indie rock tunes about life after 30, love and adulthood!

Morning Sickness

Say You Will

Born To Be Mild

My hat’s off to you, Zagreb’s premier indie rockers! (škrlak)

Jaki ste.

bandcamp: ESC Life

Žen – Sunčani ljudi (2017)

Act of gentle surfacing from the deep past back into the present times Zagreb. Not with Margaret Atwood but with beautiful Žen. If you’ve been looking for bright sunny people, they are here.


A gdje su staze?

Pusti me da hodam

Tijelo zna


Namaste. Ili po naški, moj naklon.

bandcamp: Žen