Zagreb NOW!: DB Indoš Kuća ekstremnog muzičkog kazališta i Trobecove krušne peći

Zagreb NOW!

“Demoni kuge” by DB Indoš Kuća ekstremnog muzičkog kazališta & Trobecove krušne peći 17/05

Budapest NOW!

In Imperial City of Budapest there were/are many purifying/exorcising fires to burn by Hungarian Promethean Band – Tudósok:

Tudományos Tavaszi Ördögűzés! 20/03

Vesak Day 26/05


Greed, anger, and foolishness. The fundamental evils inherent in life that give rise to human suffering.

Because anger increases in intensity, armed strife occurs.

Because greed increases in intensity, famine arises.

Because foolishness increases in intensity, pestilence breaks out.

And because these three calamities occur, earthly desires grow more numerous and powerful than ever, and false views increasingly flourish.

© Soka Gakkai. All Rights Reserved.

Tudósok – Official Anthems Of The Esperanto Kingdom [2013 – 2016]


Nem! – Az eszperantó királyság hivatalos himnuszai (2018) – Compilation Album:

A legszebb szerelmes dalok (2013)


Ezüst hercegnő / Silver Princess  [Esperanto Anthem of the Year ’13]

Éljen a Petőfi rádió (2014)


Kiscica ugrál az ágyon / Pussycat Bounces On The Bed  [Esperanto Anthem of the Year ’14]

Alzheimer Karaoke (2016)


Basszál (Ökumenikus változat) / Fuck! (Ecumenical Version) [Esperanto Anthem of the Year’16]

Bonus track:

Éljen a szeretet rádió / Long Live Radio Love

Nem! – Az eszperantó királyság hivatalos himnuszai (2018) also contains few tracks from Szupergyár/Superfactory (2001) CD album which belongs to an earlier phase / chapter of Tudósok’s long academic career.



Tudósok – “Akkor is nevetek” (2019)

Tudósok concert last October was one of the brighter points in this year’s entertainment. My mind blown by Euro saxophones. In the meantime Tudósok have released the new studio album – “Akkor is nevetek” – a varied collection of songs covering full spectrum of emotional states (which I cannot get correctly by listening to alien Hungarian language but can feel them through music). Band leader DrMáriás painted a very colorful picture this time. The album was produced (polished to a shine) by Ivan Fece – Firči (ex Luna, ex EKV).

Then what types of ice-cream are on offer in bleak December: pistachio, lemon (or vanilla) and some strange taste which is turquoise tinted. Artificially sweetened but nevertheless good. Drugs? Lick it!

akkor is nevetek!

Advent in Budapest. Wild side. Dance away the headache, the heartache and fear:

Segítség / Help!

Maszatolni akarok / I Want To Smear

Mondjál végre valami jót / Say Something Good Finally

Mutass egy f@szt / Show Me F@

Akkor is nevetek / I Still Laugh

Hőhullám / Heatwave

Baba / Baby(doll)

Vezér / Leader

There is a tired side to “Akkor is nevetek” too, with tender songs to appease frenetic mind. But that part hits harder in post party torpor. More on Tudósok later. Maybe.

(song titles were google-translated in English for extra confusion)


October File: Concerts In Zagreb

Alive (and kicking) in Zagreb. October ‘19.


Saturday 28.09., Močvara

Shortparis come from Saint Petersburg (via Novokuznetsk, Siberia). They have the appearance of being on a serious mission. For the first seasonal (autumnal) concert which I saw in the series of concerts at the end of September and during October Shortparis set the bar very high. Fantastic! Shortparis are (already) masterful in the art of performance. They play genuine (Electro) Body Music which defies past & present pop categories. The live show became too physical at some point. It seemed so exhausting even to watch that I wished for more synth sounds / fat techno beats & less manic dancing and body movements. Amazing. Shortparis are scary as well.


Monday 30.09., KSET

Pile are modest rock band (in Capt. Beefheart tradition lately) from Boston. Their earnest songs (from couple of albums that I listened to) don’t stick in my head for some reason but I was curious enough to check them live. They were great in concert. At first I had bizarre sensation of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Like I am too old. Pile didn’t disappoint thou. And I was glad in the end. New album “Green and Gray” is pretty good, especially after repeated listening.

BLACK MIDI (England), NEON LIES (Zagreb, HR)

Wednesday 02.10., Močvara

Unlike other sparsely attended concert dates in October, Močvara was packed for Black MIDI. What the fuck!? Boys were great – a tight young band with a great drummer and three reluctant vocalists – the main one mumbles nonsense, the other whispers and the third one shrieks occasionally. Black MIDI were announced like next big thing in Britain but for me personally it’s enough that they are excellent at what they do. It does not bother me that their mixture of styles is not so new. There were many American bands that played similar variants of math-rock / post-rock throughout the whole 1990s and beyond. Good news is that Black MIDI’s angularity is musical, it’s not a mere exercise in sudden breaks, complex rhythm patterns and shouting out. Surprisingly, I like art pop production (Euro touches) of the debut album despite the fact that the role of their excellent drummer was pushed too far in the background for my taste. Was too tired to be focused during crowded concert. Let the younger generations (they were present in public) have Black MIDI. I had enough.

Neon Lies synth alter ego of Goran Lautar was great.


Monday 07.10., Močvara

Had they visited Zagreb during legendary Euro Tour ’89 perhaps more people would come to greet them 30 years later. Even Girls vs. Boys pedigree didn’t help. Anyhow, Soulside played old songs in style. It sounded good (and they looked very vital). But my feet were heavy and my mind was somewhere else for some reason. I loved Soulside music in my late teens and early twenties. “Hot Body-Gram” LP still holds up. It is one of the best records from the late 1980s Dischord catalog.


Wednesday 09.10., Vintage Industrial

OK, this was a psych performance art by psychedelic rock band gone digital / minimal. Different clothes, new approaches. Transvestite style. Föllakzoid presented their latest album in entirety. Stuff that Wire magazine could like. I might check their early albums someday. Missed their concert few years ago.

 TUDÓSOK (Hungary), ŽBLJ MOZAIK (Samobor, HR)

Tuesday 15.10., Močvara

Lured by jazz-punk promises and bright colors I came to see them.  My fondness for Central / Eastern Europe had a role in deciding too. I didn’t even hear of Tudósok before the concert although they are a cultural institution from Budapest with roots in the 1980s Novi Sad. Shame on me! The attendance was very sad once again (cca. 25 souls) but the band can be joyful with or without their loyal public. They made my day and couple of following days as well. Truly uplifting experience of the very first order. I’ve been enlisted right there on the spot by bleating saxophones. Now I am a fan.

Žblj mozaik  guitar & drums duo from Samobor provided short, fast & nice intro.


Wednesday 16.10., Močvara

One more astounding concert that reached Shortparis at the level of intensity and artistic focus. Great psychedelic metalheads Ufomammut sound better live than on records. Tender psychedelic intro disarmed me immediately. Psychosis inducing video slides in the background, perfectly synchronized with heavy metal riffs, were great visual distraction. Ufomammut really proved to be mighty power-trio. But I was simply tired if not doomed. Had to sit on the bench by the bar like an old person with wobbly legs. My very regular biorhythm is not fit for late hours entertainment. Ufomammut’s latest studio album “8” is my favorite one.


Wednesday 30.10., Tvornica kulture

As expected, Acid Mothers Temple delivered an excellent concert. I enjoyed it although I am not familiar with their music (albums). AMT hyperactive drummer reminded me of Amon Düül II’s  Peter Leopold in style which is a compliment, of course. Hawkwind synth sounds burdened few songs here and there and I wished for a different pattern. Side effects of general tiredness swept me over and my naturally psychedelic mind got trapped in my painful body. Qi doesn’t flow freely up and down my spine anymore. But it will.