Neon Lies ‎– Loveless Adventures (2020)


Devolution of American r’n’r dreamz in the heart of Zagreb: The Babies, Welcomin’ Committee in Flames, Dykemann Family, Modern Delusion… Two decades on the scene or in the garage.

One-man-synth-machine project Neon Lies sings and dances in Močvara tonight. Social distancing measures implemented.

Who needs love when you have neon lies.

bandcamp: Neon Lies

Moor Jewelry – True Opera (2020)

True Opera
Look Alive
Le Grande Macabre
Boris Godunov

Moor Jewelry is a collaboration between Moor Mother and Mental Jewelry from Philadelphia, USA. They put out True Opera, one of my favorite albums from this year, as a bloody cassette release only through Don Giovanni Records. Sold out twice. Overpriced on the (discogs) market right now.

Good songs and great heretic punk sound. Live wire/body electric sound. It deserves all formats. Plug yourself in.


Listening Log ’20: Jul-Oct (part II)

More of the same? I don’t mind. Keep on dancing…

Next Generation
METZ – Atlas Vending
Blind Youth Industrial Park
IDLES – Ultra Mono
Ne touche pas moi
A Hero’s Death
Protomartyr – Ultimate Success Today
Modern Business Hymns
The Art of Persistence
Turn On the Light
Hit the Coast

Island Pag. A future island.

The past is full of dead men
The future is a cruelty
Resign yourself
Hey, have you heard them say “Ultimate Success Today”?