Jul ’17: Circle ‎– Terminal


Brand new studio recording from hard working and playfully extravagant Nordic collective. Sometimes they do miss but “Terminal” is for sure one more kosmische hit in frighteningly huge Circle discography. It is  heavier affair compared to tranquil and soothing beauty of previous studio album “Pharaoh Overlord”. Lately I’ve been hearing subtle Lungfish echos in Circle music, although it is more probable that they’ve gained similarities and harmonized some frequencies  following their own winding course. Heavy & uplifting stuff. Fascinating Finns!


APR ’17: Gnod – Just Say No to the Psycho Right-Wing Capitalist Fascist Industrial Death Machine

gnod 2017

Sve češće se spominju Gnod – free form rock kolektiv iz Manchestera (Salford). Ne, ne sviđa mi se baš cover art, ali je privukao pažnju. Gnod muzika se pak u potpunosti uklapa u soundtrack ove blog kolumne. Gnod – triple repetition psych noiseniks on fire. Comfort food (for thought). “Stick in the Wheel” ~ the Ex w / David Byrne kanalizirani kroz mentalne smetnje i  rhythm & (white) noise.

Ne Ne Ne,  sve što uvek volim reći jeste Ne Ne Ne!!!

(Disciplina kičme)

Sag Nein / Nein Nein Nein / Negativ Nein / Das Leben ist nicht bunt / Geballt gehen wir zugrunde / Sag Nein / Nein Nein Nein / Negativ Nein / Doppelnein / Drei mal Nein / Aber Nein / Nein Nein Nein / Sag Nein / Nein Nein Nein / Negativ Nein / Sag Nein / Negativ Nein / Asyl-Exil / Hier nicht und da nicht / Frag mich nicht ich weiss es auch nicht / Aber Nein / Nein Nein Nein / Aber Nein / Hauptsache negativ Nein / Negativ Nein / Mit einem Schrei geht es zugrunde / Mit meinem Schrei / Sag Nein / Sag negativ Nein.

(Einstürzende Neubauten)

MAR ’17: Pissed Jeans – ”Why Love Now”

Noise-rock prepad na rastrzani sredovječni živčani sustav! “Why Love Now” je usprkos agresivnoj nasrtljivosti na površini ipak fino strukturiran album i nadilazi prosječnost nekog novijeg uratka utemeljenog na odavno shematiziranom američkom standardu gitarističke buke. Jedan od glavnih uvjeta da uopće zadržim polusatnu pažnju u dotičnom žanrovskom odjeljku rock glazbe bio bi da NE čujem the Jesus Lizard kombinacije pretjerano ili nedajbože Shellac minimalističke dekonstrukcije (što bi bilo još problematičnije). Toliko sam oguglao na dobro poznati format da na Pissed Jeans nisam odreagirao promptno tj. nisam ih imao želje provjeriti kada se potpisivanjem za SUB POP etiketu globalno pronio prvi glas. Kriva procjena! Naprotiv, ne samo da je iznenađujući Ginn/Black Flag utjecaj na gitarista izvrsno uklopljen već i (besposleni) vokalist ima sasvim dovoljno tragikomičnih frustracija i situacija za podijeliti sa slušateljstvom. Recimo da asocira na nećaka Michaela Geralda (Killdozer) kojeg krasi i pripovjedački talent “ujca” (American grotesque after Gerald!). Pissed Jeans predstavljaju rijedak primjer recentnog banda koji me je zadivio i inspirativnom bujicom riječi (poput Protomartyr u njihovom neopostpunk miljeu) kao i umjereno prljavim zvukom kontrolirane buke. Uniđi pod korporativni krov (u slučaju RH to je najčešće kvazi-korporativna mediteransko-balkanska verzija istog) i ostavi dušu na ulazu. Budi kuš i budi tup. Vrišti! (kada nitko ne vidi i ne čuje). Sve je pod nadzorom. HaHaHahahaaaa…

Ah. Grow up, Teenage RnR Adult! Grow up and die off.

pissed jeans

FEB ’17: the Bats – the Deep Set

“The Deep Set”, jedini  ovogodišnji album slušan u veljači u web admin kutku,  uklapa se u the Bats pravocrtni tradicionalni pop-rock kanon u svakom pogledu. U usporedbi s prethodna dva “The Guilty Office” i “Free All The Monsters” ne prepoznajem pjesme koje bi odskakale kao iznimne. Možda pomalo sladunjava “Busy”? No nije toliko bitno jer su The Bats danas (od “At the National Grid” nadalje) meni osobno bolji nego ikad prije, a s pauzama u istoj i jedinoj postavi postoje od ’82. Kapa dolje. Hats off to the Bats!


JAN ’17: Trobecove krušne peći “Ether” LP

It’s alive!

Sax is back. Rejoice!


Sex, I mean funk, is almost gone. A bit of dull pain remains. Can’t dance it all away.

I’ve managed to catch Trobecove krušne peći in concert only once since they have started playing live again in recent years. They were OK then. At this moment, or as captured on “Ether”, Trobecove krušne peći sound significantly better. I am pleasantly surprised.

Actually, the band never really disappeared into thin air. The spirit of Trobec (-ove krušne peći) was in the ether all the time, whether transformed in short lived Alpski rudar, or just buzzing around as Brujači during the 1990s, or for a brief period in time in the 2000s as seductively stylish Viva Glorio. It seems to me that minimal elements for keeping said haunting spectre active would be the throb of Bara’s bass playing and Bega’s vocal vitriol – ethereal energy of this creative bond has always been enough to attract all other dissipated band players and friends.

For those of you who are not familiar, Trobecove krušne peći are a sort of avant noise-rock band (with post-punk origins) but not the type with electric guitar in a role of lead instrument. Their newest recording “Ether” can be presented as an update of successful combination of the TKP studio album from ’85 & the live tape from ’87. In current incarnation all the instrumentalists – bassist Barišin, guitarist Vinski and (welcome) sax player Prica – compete for the space or coexist in the void above steady rock rhythm of drummer Dorvak. The songs mainly follow the tension building pattern without cathartic release in sight (or hearing range) apart from arresting sax squeals, slightly more dominant guitar parts or/and propulsive bass playing that can interchangably bear elusive liberating role for a moment or two. Frontman Begić is in a dour mood from the very start. However, this time (or just for the LP song selection) his vocals are under control. With mature coolness that doesn’t allow straying into chaotic roar, Begić’s voice simply commands in mean monotone hovering above the simmering band. Black bile put into words and loudly pronounced may even have the therapeutic cleansing effect if one is in appropriate contemplative mood (for example pacing back and forth around an empty and cold apartment while music is playing, warming up the chilly air). The angry and bitter allure might pull you inside the vortex and then let you drift along with the tempo of music. It does soothe my soul, my unending case history. The truth is cruel. It hurts. Like that heavily prostituted word “love”. Take it in and spit it out. Once the record stops spinning, the ominous silence stays hanging there for a while. It can’t leave the room easily. Certainly this album is not a perfect present for the weak of heart or for those with short attention span or penchant for cheerful sing-alongs. Why do I like it. Am I just a masochist? A sadist!? Perhaps both!!

Potential foreign listeners that don’t understand Croatian language will definitely miss out an important TKP aspect. Nevertheless, the rhythm / sound of music, enriched with harsh Slavonic voice flavor, speaks for itself more than enough. “Ether” for sure deserves some attention outside the Croatian borders as well.

I had two passing associations while listening to the record: recent reissue of Grč “Sloboda narodu” & the latest album by Blurt “Beneath Discordant Skies”.

The sound of “Ether” (recorded live in Split in winter ’15) is massive and impressive.

Great album. Highly recommended, yet again.

Step in. Don’t be afraid.

(the first impressions review, in Eastern European broken English, is intended for accidental foreign visitors of this site that are curious enough to give it a try!)