Ferragosto a Rimini

Anno Domini 1978. Anni di piombo.

Francesco de Gregori – De Gregori

Due zingari

Fabrizio de André – Rimini

Coda di lupo

Lucio Dalla – Lucio Dalla

L’ultima luna
Cosa sarà
L’anno che verrà

Lucio Batisti – Una donna per amico

(only a vinyl copy in the archives at the moment)

Unrest in Bologna.

Skiantos – MONO tono

Diventa demente (La kultura poi ti kura)
Largo all’avanguardia / Ehi, ehi, ma che piedi che c’hai


Il veliero va

S mukom žvačem trubadurov vrat?


Summertime in Italia. (before I move to Jamaica / UK and immerse myself in Roots Reggae and Kinky Reggae / Lovers Rock)

Bella Italia. Gli anni 1970.

Lucio Battisti (Musica di Lucio Battisti / Parole di Mogol)

Umanamente uomo: Il sogno. (1972)


Il leone e la gallina

Innocenti evasioni

Il mio canto libero (1972)


Io vorrei… non vorrei… ma se vuoi

Il mio canto libero

Il nostro caro angelo (1973)


Il nostro caro angelo

Prendi fra le mani la testa

Lucio Battisti, la batteria, il contrabbasso, eccetera (1976)


Ancora tu

Il veliero

Il veliero va…

il veliero

Once Upon A Time ’85

Bilo jednom…

I had “Once Upon A Time” (Jugoton edition) in my first LP collection. It’s been neglected (with reasons) for too long. Jimmy Iovine almost turned them into stadium sized American bar band which broke too many sophisticated hearts. This album does me good thou. Goodbye art cinema, hello football!


Once Upon a Time

All the Things She Said

Ghost Dancing

Oh Jungleland

(The) Lesser Men ‎– References, Reflections: Revelations (2019)


On their third album, in the face of yet more line-up interferences, Zagreb’s auto-bio-core quartet sets out for a pilgrimage of sorts, fathoming out the heart and soul of their music through inspection of references and reflections. Come along, immerse your ears in their revelations! (Geenger Records)

Lottery Score pt. 1

Babies Are Born


Gentlemen In Lingerie

Sooner Or Later

The Shunt


Lottery Score pt. 2

I saw (The) Lesser Men playing short set before The Membranes / Mark Lanegan Band last November. Their music (in which keyboard player is the lead) filled the empty venue and kicked my ass (almost like Simple Minds; which isn’t correct reference, by the way). Yet it made me jump on my feet and get closer to the stage. The sparkle in the night. Southeast at Easter ’18. That sort of revelatory stuff.

bandcamp: (The) Lesser Men

ESC Life – Born To Be Mild (2018)

esc life

ESC Life is a quartet from Zagreb, Croatia, fixated on loud guitars, solos, fast rhythms and pop songs. Heavily influenced by power-pop and punk rock giants like Descendents, Nova Mob, The Hold Steady or Superchunk, they play with cliches of popular music of the 20th and 21st century, but never ironically. “Born To Be Mild” is filled with witty, fast and catchy indie rock tunes about life after 30, love and adulthood!

Morning Sickness


Say You Will

Fill The Void

Close Without Banging

Born To Be Mild

My hat’s off to you, Zagreb’s premier indie rockers! (škrlak)

Jaki ste.

bandcamp: ESC Life

Žen – Sunčani ljudi (2017)

Act of gentle surfacing from the deep past back into the present times Zagreb. Not with Margaret Atwood but with beautiful Žen. If you’ve been looking for bright sunny people, they are here.


A gdje su staze?

Pusti me da hodam

4 3 5 2

Opet gange

Tijelo zna


Namaste. Ili po naški, moj naklon.

bandcamp: Žen

Listening Log ‘19 (part III)

Listening log ‘19 (part III) of one who lags behind.

Loraine James – For You and I


For You and I

Stephen Mallinder – Um Dada

Um Dada

Cosey Fanni Tutti – Tutti


Lingua Ignota – Caligula


Do You Doubt Me Traitor

Scorn – Cafe Mor

Talk Whiff (featuring Jason Williamson)

Clipping. – There Existed an Addiction to Blood

Nothing Is Safe

Fat White Family – Serfs Up!



The Murder Capital – When I Have Fears


More Is Less

Fontaines D.C. – Dogrel



Girl Band – The Talkies



Pop. 1280 – Way Station


Boom Operator

Inter Arma – Sulphur English


Howling Lands

Beastwars – IV



Black Mountain – Destroyer


Horns Arising

Big Brave – A Gaze Among Them

big brave

Body Individual

Purple Mountains – Purple Mountains


Maybe I’m the Only One For Me

The Verlaines ‎– Dunedin Spleen


None of These Chords

The Verlaines Bandcamp.