Are You Before?

Various Artists ‎– Mutazione (Italian Electronic & New Wave Underground 1980-1988): New Wave, Industrial, Darkwave, Minimal, Synth-pop, Experimental. Compiled by Alessio Natalizia. (2013, Strut Records, UK)

Bella Italia gone brutta. At the end of the 1970s young Italian amateur futurists got sick of untouchable sophisto singer-songwriters (and their acoustic guitars), prog virtuosos & Italian canzona in general. Often they would choose alien language (= English) to distance themselves from Italian pop & rock music. As a result electronic buzz of minimal synths coupled with minimal knowledge of English, recorded in the bedrooms and makeshift studios around the country (still in political turmoil), worked out quite well.

Here is Synth-pop/Minimal Synth segment of this excellent VA collection. Sequenced in chronological order. What did you think? I miss sensation of linear time flow. A simple slow moving timeline. It doesn’t matter that it used to lead nowhere anyhow. Speed kills! And postmodernist postindustrial concept of life (and time) is ruining me. Is this post about nostalgia canaglia?

CD 1 (1980 -85) sinister or eerie

Neon – Informations of Death (1980)
0010110000010011 (Cancer) – Naonian Style (1981)
Die Form – Are You Before (1982)
Carmody – Vulcani (1982)
Winter Light – Kill Myself 2 (1982)
La 1919 – Senza tregua (1985)
Giovanotti mondani meccanici – Back and Forth (1985)

CD 2 (1982 – 85) slightly relaxed, but not really

Atrox – Against the Odds (1982)
Pale TV – The Livid Triptych (1982)
Kirlian Camera – Edges (1983)
Le Maison – Critical Situation (1983)
Doris Norton – Norton Apple Software (1984)
La bambola del Dr Caligari – Deep Skanner (1986)
Suicide Dada – Waiting For September (1986)

Recommendation: Listen to these songs in the dark, with your headphones on (earbuds in).

And buy double CD or double LP if you can afford it.


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