Slušaonica: Winter ’21

January, February, March… all albums from 2021 that I’ve heard so far are listed here… few of them I really dig and couple of them maybe belong to surplus category. But time will tell…

The Weather Station – Ignorance

Have you ever believed in “Robber Bride”?

Here Comes Comus!

Arab Strap swept me off my feet with unexpected brand new album “As Days Get Dark”, for the first time ever (if I exclude “Philophobia” audacity). I used to like 3 to 4 songs per an overlong CD until that dynamic statement of their final album: “The Last Romance”, which worked better content wise because it flowed. Truth be told, I was touched by Belle and Sebastian world tiny bit more at the time. I don’t count myself as a fan though, both bands were on the periphery of my listening interests.

Spare Ribs
Viagra Boys – Welfare Jazz
I Feel Alive

A proof that these (relatively) old dogs can learn few new tricks. Extra points for album title: Welfare Jazz!

Hand Of God
White Elephant

The wrath of Jahve will never get old.

Divide And Dissolve – Gas Lit
Did You Have Something To Do With It (feat. Minori Sanchiz-Fung)
Portrayal Of Guilt – We Are Always Alone
The Second Coming

Hard-core youth of America. Generation XYZ.

Youth of America is living in the jungle
Fighting for survival, but there’s no place to go
Youth of America; there’s pressure all around
The walls are crumbling down, the walls are coming down on you

It is time we rectify this now
We’ve got to say it now
Got to feel it now, now, now – woah!

Caddy Daddy

Old bad men in black jeans are back with heavy riffs and plenty of cuss words.

Hazmat Suits

I am still not sure if “Lines Redacted” delivers the real kicks. Side A suffers from harsh murky compression which kills my delicate sensory organs of hearing. On side B there is more room for breathing, moving and aural enjoyment. Hence here is one song which isn’t over saturated in the mix. Less songs, more space and I’d count myself among non-skeptics. Gets better with repeated listening like “Uppers” by TV Priest.


BC, NR are lauded young English band. I didn’t expect anything and what I got out of their debut album is quite enough. I am not too crazy about presumed BC,NR’s American influences (Louisville, KY), but the echoes of British ones (RIO, Canterbury) combined with klezmer, are ways to follow (and to please my ears). Coming of age aspect of their music could make more sense to younger generations.

Alien (To My Feet)

What kind of defeat is this!? It doesn’t sound like one. It rules. It amazes. NMN: For every defeat there will be a victory. For every defeat there will be a victory in defeat. V.I.C.T.O.R.Y

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