Slušaonica: Christchurch, NZ vol. I

The Gordons / Bailter Space

John Halvorsen (bass, guitar, vocals)
Brent McLachlan (drums)
Alister Parker (guitar, vocals)

Future Shock (7” EP) 1980
Future Shock
Gordons (LP) 1981
I Just Can’t Stop
Gordons aka Volume 2 (LP) 1984

1983-84. Alister Parker was absent. Vince Pinker played bass.

Quality Control
Mentus Fugit
Mono Flo
Gone Machine

“Gordons” (1984)* is an unfortunate album (certainly not great, but good enough for me) graced with iconic cover art. Here it is scaled down to 12″ EP format (digitally sourced from a tape) for my own listening pleasure. I feel it better with songs re-sequenced. I quite like its noisy melancholy borne on guitar riffs, with all the aesthetical deficiencies, e.g. dated sound production. Among other sins, it was “accused” of being too “heavy metal” (pronounce heavy metal with lovely New Zealand accent).

(Nelsh) Bailter Space – Nelsh Bailter Space (12″) 1987

Alister Parker is back recharged, but other two Gordons are Skeptics members now. NBS is transitional release (more in plastic New Wave style than edgy post-punk) as was the band’s line-up: Ross Humphries (ex The Pin Group) playing bass, Glenda Bills keyboards and Hamish Kilgour (The Clean) drums.

New Man
Tanker LP (1988)

John Halvorsen joined. Hamish Kilgour played drums. Brent McLachlan engineered recordings in Writhe Studio.

Thermos LP (1989)

Bailter Space = The Gordons. Under the influence of Skeptics during “Thermos” period.

Fish Eye

Are you bored of incessant repetition? Don’t worry, there are stargazing moments of bliss too, mainly in the ’90s chapter of Bailter Space. Stellar psychedelic pop tunes. Float in the void!


1 – REISSUE – It would be nice if reissue of “Gordons” (1984) happened at some point too: a modest run of 200 vinyl copies & an extended CD version (carefully remastered with the dynamics preserved, not (too) loud!!! by all accounts The Gordons and Bailter Space were loud enough in concert).

2 – DIGITAL FILES (mp3, 320 kbps) – A brand new rip of an old vinyl copy of Gordons (1984) in decent condition. Contact me.

flying nun: the gordons

bandcamp: bailterspace

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