Record Label: Doomtown Records

Doomtown Records – survivalist punk label from Zagreb NOW!, that has been around for 10 years or so. Three recent releases issued last summer plus one Cold War bunker re-issue.

If I had a cassette deck player…


Above average minimalist art punk. Playful. Moglo je biti snimljeno u u studiju “Druga maca”. 1981. Artistička radna akcija – pozdrav iz Zagreba!

Dobar dan, izvolite (cassette album, 2020)
Karaoke satri
Se Bastijan
Čovjek prosjek

APSURD (Beograd)

Belgrade’s hardcore punk tradition lives on. U svakom slučaju, ugodno iznenađenje za mene. Sviđa mi se kad mi ne bude prijatno, ponekad.

Derealizacija / Svemu će doći kraj (LP, 2020)
Svemu će doći kraj

Apsurd’s Derealizacija/Svemu će doći kraj 12″ is the band’s first output in the form of vinyl format. Actually, it’s a collection of two EP’s. A-side brings you six songs previously released as a tape “Derealizacija” while the B-side includes six entirely new songs recorded last year in the bands practice room on primitive 4-track machine.


Lautarpunk rules! Always awesome, in any band format or appearance.

Optic Nerve (cassette EP, 2020)
Light Beam
Graveyard Signals

And back from the grave:


Occult electronic session ’88. Darkwave. Theatrical Synth Pop/EBM crossbreed. Goth. Gloom. Confessions of a mask. Doom. Noćas me nazovi crnim stršljenom!

Album mentalnih fotografija (cassette album, RE, 2016)
Who Is Alive, Who Is Dead
Ponoćni hod

Doomtown’s reissue version of this tape is the official reproduction of the 1988 tape remastered from the original master tapes and approved by the band and Gorjan Krstić. Limited to 125 copies!

bandcamp: Doomtown Records

Online Store / Big Cartel: Doomtown Records

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