Winter in Italia, again. It’s raining outside. I’ve derailed my back-and-forth racing thoughts at one stop in Bologna for this occasion. As any decade, the ’90s got its pluses and minuses. I simply like music from that period and rarely revisit. Been there, heard some of that exciting music in real time. Not Massimo Volume though. Massimo Volume are perhaps one of those Italian bands that finally caught the vibe of the times and even set themselves ahead on global level, in a noise-rock/art rock/post-rock niche. If Italians were really lagging behind to certain extent in the late ’70s and early ’80s (excepting Italodisco and maybe hardcore punk), with Massimo Volume we find them in the lead. Giusto?

Massimo Volume 1993

Stanze 1993
Ronald, Tomas e io
Stanze vuote

bandcamp: Massimo Volume

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