2 – 1 – 0, der Alarm ist rot! Vienna calling!!!

This Weltschmerz blog-corner needs a couple of NDW related pop hits from our ex governess Austria. Glittering synth sounds.

For starters, few tracks for obscurists into original Austrian punk rock then new wave then synth wave. Or pop for pure people as they (Chuzpe) said. I like it, of course.

Chuzpe – (They Can’t Beat) The Beat (1979)
(They Can’t Beat) The Beat
I Loved the Sixties

One step back – Chuzpe ’78:

Various Artists – Wiener Blutrausch (1979)
Panik / Alanig
Terror in Klein-Babylon

Two steps forward – Chuzpe ’81:

Charlie Chan (1981)
Charlie Chan
Chinese Chive

And here are the super-hits for common people. Decadent Viennese hip-hop synth-pop.

Falco – Der Kommissar (1982)

Falco – Junge Roemer (1984)

Falco – Vienna Calling (1985)

Rock me, Amadeus!

It’s 1985 again. Just for one day. Verschwende deine Jugend.

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