Stay glued to your T.V. set

Saturday night stay at home. Are you binge watching from your laptop right now? Or dancing in the dark (in GK “Jabuka” or elsewhere).

Only two TV channels were available. More than enough.

One of the best loved foreign TV series in Croatia (and probably whole ex Yugoslavia) would be Only Fools & Horses. Here is an extract from a New Romantic episode.

I can’t think of any sitcom from USA on the same quality level. Deluxe soap opera “Dynasty” had huge following in roughly the same period. Dear John (American TV series, remake) was charming enough at the end of the decade.

And one for the kids (into ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64) that I enjoyed watching in the mid ’80s, in my pre-adolescent age. Terrahawks:

Stay glued to your T.V. set 1981-82-83-84…