SFRJ Superheroes

Fumetti in ex YU

Despite the efforts from the state authorities, superheroes in SFRJ during the 1970s and 1980s were not NOB WWII heroes. Neither had they come from the ranks of DC Comics (Superman, Batman) or Marvel Comics (Spiderman, Hulk, Thor).

They were adventurous Italo-Americans scattered across vast continent of North America (except one of them who was flying over South America). The young and the old all over YU faithfully followed serial adventures of the colorful characters from the fantasy world of Sergio Bonelli and his partners in Sergio Bonelli Editore S.p.A., or from another famous publisher – Editoriale Dardo. In both cases it came from Milano with love.

Which one was your favourite?

Here they come:

Tex (Willer)

Classic C & W type.

Il grande Blek

Blek Macigno aka Blek Le Roc. Back when the Muscle Beach was situated on the North-East Coast or on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River and along Great Lakes.

Capitan Miki

Brave young captain Miki was an original straight-edge ranger! He prefered to drink milk (instead of whiskey) before boys from Teen Idles and often hanged around with Nevada Rangers (~ Better Youth Organisation punks).

Il comadante Mark

Commandant Mark was fighting evil British Empire Redcoats with his loyal friends I Lupi dell’Ontario.


Za-gor-te-nay, lo Spirito con la scure, from Darkwood and his chubby Mexican butler Cico.

Ken Parker

The older I got, more I appreciated the story of this unique trapper. And the drawing style of author.

Mister No

In an old hydroplane over Amazon. Dare to say NO! for such an adventure.

In 1982 in a local newsagent’s kiosks appeared fabulous Martin Mystère.

Then I grew up.

No. Wrong. I just started listening to pop music a bit more.

Hallo, Bing!? Actually, the real Socialist working-class “heroes” came from a flower shop in Little Italia, NYC.

And let’s not forget homegrown talent: great weirdo Andrija Maurović and other notable Croatian artists.


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