2nd Half-Year Album Review

Digital vinyls, part 2. Very predictable choices. Almost all I’ve heard of new stuff during the second half of ’19.

Dälek – Respect To The Authors 12″


Respect to Dälek.

Respect To The Authors


Seek Harbor

Carter Tutti Void – Triumvirate



T 3.2

T 3.1

T 3.4

Pere Ubu – The Long Goodbye


Synth heavy prog / art-rock road section. Unexpected curve.

The Road Ahead

What I Heard On The Pop Radio

Mark Lanegan Band – Somebody’s Knocking


Some folks got to see The Membranes thanks to Mark Lanegan Band. I got to hear Mark Lanegan’s current music because of The Membranes. In a way I had closed the chapter of my interest with the demise of Screaming Trees and didn’t follow Lanegan’s solo career. What a twist! Soul disco remake/remodel approach for sordid melodrama mood. It made me check “Gargoyole” (2017) too. It even made me think of mid ’80s New Order.

Playing Nero

Gazing From The Shore

Two Bells Ringing At Once

Richard Dawson – 2020


Jogging with Richard Dawson continues. Newcastle chronicle.

The Queen’s Head

Two Halves

Dead Dog In An Alleyway

Tropical Fuck Storm – Braindrops


“We use lots of techno gear to make rock and roll because rock and roll gear is boring, and all sounds like Led Zeppelin”. Well, it doesn’t have to sound like Page, I agree, but it wouldn’t hurt my ears if it sounded like Bonham, non filtered and directly into lower plexus. TFS drummer is great. Songwriting is excellent again.


Maria 63

Black Midi – Schlagenheim


The young shall inherit the Earth.




The Messthetics – Anthropocosmic Nest



Drop Foot

Better Wings

Russian Circles – Blood Year





Blood Incantation – Hidden History Of The Human Race

blood incantation

Hallelujah! A well recorded death metal album. And mastered too. Finally. Not that I’ve heard many of them in recent times. So be it.


Full Of Hell ‎– Weeping Choir

full of hell

Burning Myrrh

Haunted Arches

Rainbow Coil

Armory Of Obsidian Glass

Uzeda – Quocumque jeceris stabit

“This album is dedicated to those who struggle to conserve the right to be themselves”. Half an hour of pure electricity. The finest kraft. Almost like an example of perfect pairing – the band and their esteemed recording engineer became one mind.  I used to be bored by Uzeda records.

The Preacher’s Tale



Pile – Green And Gray


A Labyrinth With No Center

A Bug On Its Back

The Monochrome Set – Fabula Mendax


Demons, begone! Angels too. The unbearable lightness of being according to elderly post-punk gentleman Ganesh Seshadri – Bid. What could a fan do but count in case of The Monochrome Set: six album since reactivation, most of them (five that I’ve heard) remarkable in pop-rock context. Namaste.

Summer Of The Demon

I Can’t Sleep

La chanson de la pucelle

Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Colorado


Septuagenarian hard rock. Ride off into the sunset.

Shut It Down

Help Me Lose My Mind

Green Is Blue

Swans – Leaving Meaning


Meaning leaving. Leaving.


My Phantom Limb




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