Tudósok – “Akkor is nevetek” (2019)

Tudósok concert last October was one of the brighter points in this year’s entertainment. My mind blown by Euro saxophones. In the meantime Tudósok have released the new studio album – “Akkor is nevetek” – a varied collection of songs covering full spectrum of emotional states (which I cannot get correctly by listening to alien Hungarian language but can feel them through music). Band leader DrMáriás painted a very colorful picture this time. The album was produced (polished to a shine) by Ivan Fece – Firči (ex Luna, ex EKV).

Then what types of ice-cream are on offer in bleak December: pistachio, lemon (or vanilla) and some strange taste which is turquoise tinted. Artificially sweetened but nevertheless good. Drugs? Lick it!

akkor is nevetek!

Advent in Budapest. Wild side. Dance away the headache, the heartache and fear:

Segítség / Help!

Maszatolni akarok / I Want To Smear

Mondjál végre valami jót / Say Something Good Finally

Mutass egy f@szt / Show Me F@

Akkor is nevetek / I Still Laugh

Hőhullám / Heatwave

Baba / Baby(doll)

Vezér / Leader

There is a tired side to “Akkor is nevetek” too, with tender songs to appease frenetic mind. But that part hits harder in post party torpor. More on Tudósok later. Maybe.

(song titles were google-translated in English for extra confusion)




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